Re-Filled Water Bottles Are As Dirty As Your Toilet

We are used to off re-filling the plastic water bottles and re-use them.The Re-Filled Water Bottles are then used in our homes, we use them for outdoors specifically. have you ever imagined how dangerous it can be? yes it is a threat to your lives!

several studies in the past also have suggested that Re-filled water bottles can be hazardous to your health. recently they have stated that these bottles contains more germs than your toilet seats.

According to Studies , drinking water from a used  plastic bottle is as bad for you as licking a toilet seat. Based on a test they conducted, they found that reusable drinking containers may be crawling with an alarming number of viable bacteria cells —more than 300,000 colony-forming units per square centimeter.

Re-Filled Water Bottles


One study, published in the Canadian Journal of Public Health showed even more shocking results.

We took 76 samples of water bottles used by school students and found nearly two-thirds of the samples had bacterial levels that exceeded that of drinking water guidelines. This may have been the result of “the effect of bacterial regrowth in bottles that have remained at room temperature for an extended period.

This made us reach to the conclusions that it is unsafe to use the Re-Filled Water Bottles. you must be very careful with the basic human necessity that is water. keep your eyes open to what you eat and what you drink. instead of using the plastic bottles and re-filling them numerous times, it is always a good idea to buy a good quality water bottle and stay germs free.



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