Rapper And Kana Yaari Singer Eva B Gets Engaged

Rapper And Kana Yaari Singer Eva B Gets Engaged. No one can beat the musical talent in Pakistan. We have been producing out of this world talent since ages with big names like Ghulam Ali, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Madam Noor Jehan belonging to this nation. With the new generation of musicians pouring in we are again producing talent unparalleled all over the world. One among such singers is Eva B. She is a rapper who belongs from a Baloch family. She wears a niqaab according to her traditions and her music is loved by not only Pakistanis but others from the former sub-continent as well.

Pakistan’s first Baloch female veiled rapper, Eva B, has made our hearts swell with pride as she was just featured in the iconic Times Square New York. The ‘Kanna Yaari’ rapper is the latest to find her way up onto the digital billboard of the music streaming platform, Spotify.

Spotify announced it on its official page saying:

The rapper replied, “Dream comes true,” and thanked Spotify Pakistan for the feat.


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