Rani Mukherji comes back with Hichki

Rani Mukherji comes back with Hichki, Rani Mukherji is a famous film star of Indian cinemas.she ply great roles in movies bt after marriage she stops work some time.Now after 4 years she came back to big cinema as a role of teacher Naina.who suffers from speech difficulty.

. It is about turning disadvantages into opportunities and staring down at challenges and ultimately winning over them.

Se plys the lead role in the movie.

Rani open her eyes among artists..

Rani was born on 21 March 1978 in a Bangali family .Her father Ram Mukherji was former film director and one of the founders of film studios.Her mother Krishna Mukherji was a great ply back in this way she opens her eyes among artists and due to this she started her carrier in a young age in 1996.she plays different roles.her acting her face expression and body language got fame for her.

Rani”s Clash with her cousin famous film star Kajol.

when she entered in showbiz her cousin Kajol was already her and had got great is said that she never sup     port that why she always have a clash.very few people know that Kajol”s mom Tanuja was a great former actress and she is Rani”aunty.Kajol was the favorite actress of Yash Raj and the most earning heroin for them but when Rani entered in Aditya Yash Raj”s life she changes may be thats why there is always a clash between the the both film star cousins.Now Rani got married with Aditya Raj and now she is the one of the owners of Raj studio.She also have a daughter Adira Aditya.



Media always rises the Question that Rani or Kajol Frinds again????but no one sure about it.

Rani come back with Hichki..

“What is life without a few hiccups” — the tagline of the upcoming film Hichki resonates with the ideology of the film’s lead actor Rani Mukerji.

For her role as Naina, Rani, 39, took help from a person suffering from the Tourette syndrome. “I have someone from whom this character is inspired from so I had someone in front of me who is living this life of having this syndrome, and I understand what he went through… These things helped me as an actor to be able to portray the role,” she added.

Without elucidating on the hurdles she has faced, Rani said hiccups can be a learning experience. “We can learn how do we get out of it and how do we come out stronger.”

Rani Takes her role as challange.

. This is not the first time Rani will be playing a character with a disability. In 2005, she portrayed Michelle McNally, a visually and hearing impaired woman in Black.she takes her role as a challenge .she works hard did research and meet the people who suffers from this problm. Rani is the very first actress who wins 2 award in 2005 in the same year.Her movie got great response from the people.Hichki released under the banner of her in-laws “s  Yash Raj.its director is Siddharth Malhotra and producher is Maneesh Sharma.

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