Ranbir Kapoor’s Love and Kiss For Mawra Hocane

Mawra Hocane is a famous and talented actress of Pakistan. She has worked in several drama serials and without doubt she is the heartthrob of many. People always admire her acting and remain impatient to see her in upcoming drama plays. Her sister Urwa Hocane is also a famous personality of the showbiz.

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Recently, Urwa Hocane received a video message from Bollywood’s top actor Ranbir Kapoor. In the video message Ranbir Kapoor said:

“Hello Mawra, this is Ranbir. You are very beautiful and extremely talented. I will meet you very soon”.

Ranbir Kapoor’s Love and Kiss For Mawra Hocane

This love message of Ranbir Kapoor to Mawra Hocane has gone viral on internet. Mawra also shared this video message on her instagram account with the caption

“I hope to see you soon as well”

As we all know that Mawra Hocane has headed to Bollywood to sign some new projects there. If you are not aware of this news then visit this link : Mawra Hocane Headed To Bollywood.


How The Friendship Started Between The Two?

Ranbir Kapoor's Love and Kiss For Mawra Hocane

A couple of months back, Mawra Hocane celebrated the birthday of Ranbir Kapoor with a special cake and shared this picture on her social account. She also confessed that Ranbir Kapoor is her favorite person in the world and he is her international love.

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