Rahat’s Co-Composer Reply Back at Sadia Imam’s Claim Over Lyrics!

The famous Pakistani actress Sadia Imam currently claimed that she wrote the lyrics for Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s two hit songs. According to her, one is ‘Jiya Dhadak Dhadak’ from the 2005 Bollywood movie Kalyug and the different one is ‘Zindagi Ye Safar Main Hai’ from the 2007 film Life in a Metro.

Sadia Imam informed this in a TV interview. She said, “I gave the lyrics to Rahat and the onus of giving me credits depended on his ethical values. Had I been given credits, both the songs would have remained beneath my identify forever.”

Rahat’s business director Salman Ahmed denied Sadia’s claimed and said:

“It is in terrible taste that when the whole world is celebrating Khan Saheb’s Doctorate from Oxford University, Ms Imam would bring up something like this, that too after so many years. Even if she nevertheless claims that she is the intelligence behind penning the songs then she is greater than welcome to current any proof, confirming the same.”


If you search on the internet you will discover out that Sayeed Quadri wrote the lyrics for Jiya Dhadak Dhadak Jaye while Rohail Hyatt and Faisal Rafi is the co-composer of the song. On the other hand, Zindagi Yeh Safar Hai’s lyrics are written with the aid of Sachin Gupta.

Faisal Rafi also denied the claims by using Sadia. He said:

“These are baseless claims. The entire track was once made in my presence. Rahat got here up with the melody in a taxi. We then went to Rohail’s area the place he arranged and made the song for the Bollywood hit single.”

It is without a doubt bizarre to see that Sadia claimed to be the author of the songs after nearly a decade however who knows, she may be right. We virtually hope that things get to sort out between Rahat and Sadia.

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