Rabia Butt Pakistani Model

One good thing about Pakistani Television and Fashion industry is that, it gates are always open for up coming talents. Emerging talent is not suppressed but is nurtured. And we can see, new people who are stepping into the world of fashion and television are not only talented but are also devoted and passionative towards their work. One of these newly emerging talent is Rabia Butt. Her innate talent for acting and her dedication to her work, has helped her in marking a place in the list of top models and actresses of Pakistani fashion  Television industry.  And this is not all, she is also considered to be one of the most beautiful Pakistani model have presently. rabia butt Pakistani Model

Personal Life Of Rabia Butt

Rabia was born on 26 February  in Lahore Punjab Pakistan. She was born into a Muslim Family. She did her early education from Lahore. And latter on completed her bachelors degree from some college in Lahore. She is considered to be a very down to earth person, with a very humble disposition. It is said that the major attraction of Rabia is her dedication towards her work. And her respectful behavior towards everyone. She does not start to whin on pity things if they don’t match up to her standards, in fact she understands them and try to work with them.  Which is very rare is the present upcoming artist.

Her hobbies include Dancing.During an interview when she was asked regarding her hobbies she said,

Dacing is my hobby

Then she was asked Why is that it is because you enjoy it or is it because it keeps you fit?, she replied

Its because i enjoy it and keeping me fit is an added incentive. 


Professional Life of Rabia Butt.

Rabia Butt among those people, who are not aware of their own talents and qualities. And one major reason behind this is her humble and kind attitude. During an interview when she was asked about How did your career start ? she said,

To be very honest i was never interested in doing modeling or joining this beautiful world of fashion. In fact i preferred the normalcy of life, which i still miss sometimes, due to all the hype and excitements around me. But my career as a model started with an accident.

We wish she could have elaborated the incident but she choose not to… and we have to live with it .

Rabia is presently counted as one of the leading model of Pakistani Fashion world. She has not only made us proud nationwide but also internationally. This female Pakistani model has represented Pakistan in different countries. Due to her inherent talent for modeling and acting Rabia, won the Lux Style Award for the best new emerging talent.

Other than the fashion ramps, Rabia Butt will now feature in famous director Farooq Mengal’s latest film Hijrat starring opposite Shehzad SheikhFilm Hijrat portrays human rights issues in Pakistan and is a romantic flick. It is about a love triangle and elaborates many problems in Pakistan. Farooq Mengal has really worked hard for the film and has imported first-rate production and film-making equipment from india to maintain quality of the film.


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