Rabia Butt Clap backed After Being Trolled For Complaining About The Hot Weather & And She is Equally Hitting it back

A familiar false impression that isn’t restricted to desi only but, in fact, is broadly unfold around the globe – If you are a celeb of sorts, you are wealthy and can come up with the money for a luxurious life. One can’t blame them to make this assumption because these celebs do promote their extravagant lifestyle on social media, primarily on Instagram quite excessively.

However, no longer everybody is in the same boat of glitz and glamour behind the scenes. A lot of the hardworking actors, models, and artists of any type have families to assist or debts to clear. Really, could be anything and we wouldn’t know.

One such actress and mannequin was these days trolled on complaining about the hot weather.

Rabia Butt, who is one of Pakistan’s pinnacle mannequin hailing from Lahore, like most of the celebrities, complained about the alarming warm climate that is becoming insupportable for everybody in Pakistan.

And like each and every other Pakistani superstar with their public social media accounts, she too used to be not spared by way of the puny brains who decided to take it upon themselves to remind her about her riches that consist of at least 10 air conditioners. Basically, she doesn’t have the right to bitch whilst staying in an air-conditioned home. Wild assumption, right?

Here’s what the troll had to say to her:

She replied, “Even there are 10 ACs, I will be paying there bill. Last month, the invoice of simply 2 ACs was 23000 and they are not even on most of the time. Therefore, I can’t manage to pay for a single penny greater than that. In short, I’ll accept sitting in this hot weather”


You tell it like it is, girl!

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