Qandeel Baloch Brother is Finally Arrested from Saudia Arabia by Interpol

Arif who had started her sister’s murder had been staying away from capture for as long as three years. One news which shook the business a couple of years back was the murder of the media sensation star Qandeel Balouch by her very own sibling for the sake of respect executing. With the occurrence having grabbed world eye too, unfortunately her sibling who started the homicide stayed free up to this point.

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Truly, folks, the news were shared by legal advisor Nighat Dad, who reported the news on her online networking by expressing, ‘I have some uplifting news, Qandeel’s sibling Arif who was selected in FIR under 109 PPC and was living in Saudi Arabia, maintaining a strategic distance from the capture for very nearly 3 years has been captured by Interpol the previous evening ‘.


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Returning to the murder incident, Qandeel was discovered dead in her home in Multan on July 16, 2016, and it was her folks who told the police that she was slaughtered by Waseem for the sake of respect. With Arif now captured, we trust that equity will at last win so cases like these don’t happen again as slaughtering a guiltless life isn’t the answer for an issue.

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