Public Reaction Faryal Makhdoom Called Hypocrite


Faryal Makhdoom lies in the warm water and shares two photos with different clothes on social media. Public Reaction Faryal Makhdoom Called Hypocrite, Faryal Makhdoom, wife of British-Pakistani boxer Amir Khan, is known for her chic look and makeup line. She often shares sultry photos on social media.  Faryal previously shared photos of headscarves and dresses on Instagram. Since internet users have never seen a costume like this, this post shocked many people. Many of them admire the makeup tycoon, while many criticize her as a hypocrite.

Public Reaction Faryal Makhdoom Called Hypocrite

Many social media users believe that Faryal has given up all glorious lives and has chosen the path of justice. However, in a recent article, Makhdoom reappeared with a striking disclosure of clothing.

Social media users criticized Faryal’s hypocrisy and advised her not to wear a hijab.

People Reaction:

“When you wear a convertible, you can’t expect other people to judge you. You leave the wrong impression on the fans.”

Another person wrote

‘I don’t know you at all. For a moment you dress cruelly. Then you are. ‘

Other reactions:

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