Public Confused Over Hira Mani Starring In A J. Campaign

Public Confused Over Hira Mani Starring In A J. Campaign. Actress Hira Mani is always in the mood to entertain her fan following through coming up with enjoyable updates, not to forget immensely hilarious captions. This time, the Pakistani stunner has once again posted something quite intriguing on her Instagram handle therefore let us explore Hira Mani’s latest activities in detail.

Hira Salman is a popular Pakistani actress, she is also recognized as Hira Mani because of her Husband Mani who is a popular host & comedian, she is a brilliant actress, host and a former VJ. Hira started her acting career from Hum Tv drama with Ahsan Khan. She did acting in numerous other hit dramas including Preet Na Kariyo Koi, Sun Yaara Yaqeen Ka Safar, Thais, Do Bol, Ghalati, Kashf, Yun Tu Hai Pyar Bohut and Mein Hari Piya.

Public Confused Over Hira Mani Starring In A J. Campaign

What was different this time was Hira also featured in an advertisement for the fragrance which debuted on Hira’s social media. The ad did not feature on J. Fragrances and Cosmetics official page though. Public however, was a bit confused. J. is known to not feature any female models in their campaigns.

Hira Mani always impresses with her acting skill but she has a quirky fashion sense and she always remains in the news for it. Hira and her husband Mani were invited by a school for story telling session on the World Book Day. They interacted with kids there and shared some moments from the session.

Public Confused Over Hira Mani Starring In A J. Campaign

Fans, right after hearing this, started to criticize the actress, they said that Hira Mani has made yet another regressive statement which shows her mentality.

The quirky fashion sense of Hira Mani has always been questioned. Her eccentric wardrobe choices quite often come under the critical eye of netizens. Recently, the ‘Yeh Na Thi Humari Kismat’ star was spotted with her husband Mani for a storytelling session on the World Book Day at a school in Karachi. The couple was all smiles sharing a moment with the kids.

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