‘Pomegranates’ To Make Skin Healthy

 Pomegranates-To-Make-Skin-HealthyPomegranates are also a great source of Vitamin C and are highly effective for oily and combination skin. If your skin has blemishes, dark spots or you are suffering from Acne problems then you can take advantage of pomegranates anti inflammatory properties which speedup skin healing process. Pomegranates are also very rich in Alpha hydroxy acids and anti oxidants which improve skin repair process of our body and also slow down skin aging signs.

  • Take pomegranates seeds and grind them nicely until a thick paste is made. Take this paste and apply on your face and let it dry for at least 15-30 minutes, afterwards wash with water. This will make your skin fee fresher and help you reduces spots on your skin.
  • Clean your skin and then take a cotton ball and dip it in pomegranate juice and apply on your face. This procedure will help you fight against your acne problem and pimples.
  • Take pomegranate seeds paste and use it as a body scrub, it will help you remove excess oil form your skin.
  • Take pomegranate seeds paste or pomegranate juice and mix some honey in it. Mix them nicely and then apply on your face to get a radiant look without drying your skin.


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