Pink-Themed Bridal Shower Ideas 2016

Planning a bridal shower for your loved one? themed celebrations are always a great fun. we are sharing some ideas for Pink-Themed Bridal Shower.

The trend of celebrating bridal showers have drastically increased in Pakistan.

Whenever a lady is asked what her favorite color is, we mostly get replies which sounds familiar and that is PINK. In some cases right from the childhood to teenage and then as youngsters all girls are involved in everything pink. They are always attracted towards Pink bedrooms, pink interiors, pink wardrobe, pink accessories and pink gadgets too.

The pink family somehow gravitate the women, planning a Pink-Themed Bridal Shower requires hard labor and your dedication to turn it out great. But, what if we suggest you to choose the favorite color of the bride to be as your favorite theme for the bridal shower, won’t it be best? It sure will be. Sometimes it happens that even if we don’t like the stuff, the color the décor is enough to facilitate us and if everything is perfectly rocking than the favorite color makes it more appealing. Choose the bride’s favorite color and build your shower theme around it. So, this is now decided that you’re planning a pink-themed bridal shower for your beloved.

Pink-Themed Bridal Shower Ideas 2016

  • Pink invitations:

First of all, you will have to design pink invitations for the bridal shower. Keep the invitations simple and unique as you’re only throwing a bridal shower, play with the shades of pink, layout the background in light shade of pink and the font can be hot pink.

Discuss the guest listings with the family of the bride-to be as you wouldn’t like anyone attending the party who won’t be attending the grand wedding.

Pink-Themed Bridal Shower Ideas 2016



  • The menu table:

Co-coordinating your menu table with the pink theme somehow seems difficult as you can not apply the pink color to all the food but there are ways you can make it on the go!

Like the table clothes and mats can be pink, the napkins and cutlery can be tied into pink ribbons complementing the décor. Also strawberry flavored icings and deserts can make it a perfect combo, decorate the deserts with pink fruits and icings.


  • The photo timeline:

Ask your other fellows to help you with this idea, gather as many as possible photos of the bride and the groom from their childhood to date. Arrange them in order and make a chain of those pictures, this way your decorations will also be the centre of attraction. Paste all the pictures on pink card sheets you can also make photo garlands like designing charming timelines of the bride and groom’s moments spent together.

Pink-Themed Bridal Shower Ideas 201600

Pink-Themed Bridal Shower Ideas


Pink-Themed Bridal Shower Ideas00

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