Phulkari Trousers- Pakistani wear for girls

Fashion changes from time to time. last year it was straight pants and now Phulkari trousers are in fashion. Basically, Phulkari is a work done on fabrics.

Phulkari literally means floral (Phul) work (Kari). Phulkari is an ancient craft of Punjab and artisans employing this craft are quite sought after . Phulkari comes in all shapes and sizes. You will come across beautiful Phulkari motifs on shawls, headscarves and  ‘dupatta’, which are ideal for daily utility.

Phulkari dupattas and sarees were traditionally gifted as a wedding gift to the bride, but now apart from bridal wear, it is extremely popular as traditional party wear. Phulkari stoles can even be work with western dresses as a scarf. available in bright colors and suitable for all seasons phulkari trousers for sure will grab your attention.

Phulkari Dupattas are so famous and are worn with plain dresses. this Eid season we’ve seen that the designers are coming up with new innovations. apart from using Phulkari as dupattas and shawls, phulkari trousers are also introduced. the multi colored fabric is definitely an eye catching stuff. the most trending combo made with phulkari trousers are Chicken kari shirt. the ladies are drooling over this beautiful fabric.

we will soon share some designs with the chickenkari shirts.


Phulkari trousers in different colors:

Phulkari trousers00

Phulkari trousers03

Phulkari trousers04


Phulkari trousers05

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