Perfect Jacket for your body shape

Dressing up yourself according to your body type is very important. A dress that doesn’t match your body shape, makes no good sense. Those who wear jackets or other outfits according to their body shapes carry them perfectly where as those who don’t choose the outfits keeping their body type in consideration somehow fail to impress. Hence, selection of jacket according to your body shape is way too important.

Its always that the girls are getting frequent and detailed style guide according to their body shape. Women have hourglasses and apples to compare themselves. Men are no where? It’s not like that. It’s not that men can’t look good or only those men look good who have good body shape. It’s really the game of selection of outfit according to body shape. You can style well whether you have great shoulders, a smaller waist or a round stomach.

For example, for those with wide shoulders and muscular arms a pea coat would look best as it drapes easily over shoulders and subtly accentuates those features. Men with a slim waist can wear bomber jackets with ease, as the style naturally flatters that area, creating a flattering look.

Fashion brand Super dry brings an amazing style guide for you. Now, you don’t need to be confused about what kind of jacket or another outerwear suits you, taking on the everyday concept of ‘types’ that women have been using for years and describing what would work best for each.

Here is a complete guide for selection of Perfect Jacket for your body shape. Check out it. For sure, it will help you in buying your next jacket.

Complete guide for Perfect Jacket for your body shape


Finding the Perfect Jacket

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Trapezoid body shape is considered perfect body shape for men with broad shoulders, bulky arms and narrow hips. Such a body is considered nicely proportioned. In modeling agency, men with trapezoid type body are preferred. Trapezoid body features include bigger upper torso than the lower one, broad shoulder and chest, medium narrow waist and hips and a well-proportioned body. A nice slim fitted jacket that finishes at the hips suits on such a body.

Inverted Triangle

Inverted Triangle body shape is a body addicted to gym. Men with inverted triangle body shape wear fashion very high. They look classy. This body type features include narrow waist and hips, broad upper half of the body, well developed shoulder, arms and chest muscles and Larger top half of the body than the lower half. A longer jacket made from softer fabrics is a good choice for such a body.


Oval body shaped men have a short neck and a fuller face along with flat buttocks. This body shape features include larger upper arms, round stomach and slimmer legs as compared to the upper half body. A long jacket such as a parka looks amazing for oval body as it helps to elongate the body. In order to dress smart casual the sport jacket is perfect.


A rectangular body shape has shoulders, waist and hips of same width. It depends whether the person is slim or bulky. Such a body should break the monotony of rectangle and should go for a jacket that gives a tapered look. Go for a waist tie or blazers with padded shoulders. They can help in adding width to your shoulder, making you look narrower from the bottom.

Slim Curve

A slim curve body shape has slim chest, narrow rib cage, slim slopping shoulders and wider hips that create a curve. It is also an ideal male model shape. Such males should go for long coat with structured shoulders.


A triangle body features include narrower shoulder and chest than waist. Such a person should dress up in a way that bottom looks slimmer. Open jacket is perfect as it opens up you whole body making your chest prominent and your bottom slimmer.

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