Pakistani Stars With Their Real Life Mothers

Are you in search of something amazing and interesting? Ok, then no problem because today I am going to share something amazing which will win your hearts. Do you want to see Pakistani stars with their real life mothers? Yes, sure. So lets have a look at Pakistani celebs with their mothers.

Pakistani Stars With Their Real Life Mothers

Arij Fatima With Mother

arij fatima mother

Arij Fatima is the ditto copy of her mothers. Both of them have a great resemblance. If Arij Fatima gain some weight then she will definitely look like her mother. Right Na?

Mother of Ali Zafar

pakistani stars with their real life mothers

The mother of Ali Zafar also have a great resemblance with her son. Her hairstyle and face expressions are totally same like Ali Zafar.

Fahad Mirza With Mother

fahad mirza mother


Fahad Mirza mother has maintained herself in a perfect way. She looks very young. When I first saw the pictures, I thought that she would be Fahad’s wife but no yar! , She is his mother.

Ayesha Khan With Her Mother

ayesha khan with her mother

Its the Pakistani actress Ayesha Khan with her mother. Both of them are enjoying having lunch with each other.

Momal Sheikh With Mother

momal sheikh with her mother

Do you want to see Javed Sheikh’s wife and Momal Sheikh’s mother? So see the picture above.

Ayeza Khan With Her Mother

ayeza khan mother


This is the picture of Ayeza Khan wedding when Ayeza’s mother was putting bangles on her.

Mehreen Raheel With Mother

mehreen raheel with mother

This is a great photoshoot of Mehreen Raheel with her mother. Her mother is also seen in many Pakistani dramas.

Meesha Shafi with her mother (Saba Pervaiz)

meesha shafi with mother

These mothers and sisters are famous for their negative roles in drama plays. Both of them have great acting talent and skills.

Mehwish Hayat With Mother And Sister

mehwish hayat with mother and sister

This the beautiful pic of Mehwish Hayat with her mother and sister. All these three really look like mothers and sisters. Her mother looks very young and at a glance she looks like Mehwish’s sister.

Pakistani Young Singer Sara Raza Khan With Mother

sara raza khan mother

Sanam Jung and her Mother

sanam jung mother

Neelam Munir Enjoying With her Mother

neelam munir with mother

So these were the Pakistani stars with their real life mothers Hope you liked and enjoyed it. Don’t forget to share your suggestions in the comment section below.

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