Very Popular Pakistani Morning Show Hosts

Morning shows or roaring shows (sounds better) is trend of today.When you switch on TV at 9:00am, you can see Barbie doll sort of girls (silence please) on every other channel.These foppish,eloquent and coquetry women (Ooops girls) are called morning show hosts.

She is a renowned and seasoned morning show host. ‘Dil baji’ of ‘Bandhan’ is very composed host with excellent hosting skills. In contrast to other shows, her set appears like a cozy lounge and she provides calm and serene environment to guests so that they can speak out. But as soon as she went on satellite (Aplus), her show became much more commercialized. Her elegant style was carried away in rat race of ratings.


‘Jago Pakistan Jago’ airs from HUM TV with no content at all. It starts with Qasam and ends with Alaya. Sanam jung is fluent, polite and has sweet language but speaks ridiculous. On Pakistan’s day, I was amazed to listen to her opening sentences like seriously who allowed her to speak like this on-air. She only provides a medium through which designer clothes are advertised and the makeup artists gain more publicity.



This dimple girl conducts her show gracefully. She is beautiful and soft spoken person with positive vibes. She enlightens the ARY news screen with her full of energy body language. Her good and respectable way of talking provides a comfortable niche to guests. Above all her show is free from shaadi mania.




A glamorous set and a woman in dazzling outfit….yes m talking about none other than Nida yasir. The only agenda of her show is ‘’Whole Pakistan should get married’’. She provides a gossip hub to Ary digital viewers.


Juggan has improved a lot over the period of time from her aggressive attitude to a soft spoken host. She does not wear fully embroided dresses with heavy falls but looks tremendously graceful. This approach is appreciatable as PTV is being watched in far flung rural areas of Pakistan where you can not convey feelings of complex. It’s true set of a morning show should not be a luxury lounge but should be pleasant to eyes and I believe, even sofas, of her set have not changed.



She is doctor but there is only a tinge of useful information in her show. She is ‘Shaadi trend setter’. She is an enthusiastic host and has camera loving face. She gels well with the guests and knows how to dig out info from a guest. Sometimes she is so open that she crosses her limits. Only for better TRP she tries to create sensation. There is pointless exchange of ideas on daily affairs.




She is bubbly and sophisticated host. She never uses vulgar and inappropriate language. Her show has a proper mandate and she knows how to execute a show. But she looks a bit shaky playing with her designer wear, hair and cards in her hands. She needs to focus on her conversation with guest and camera in front of her.



A man with unbeatable acting skills but with poor hosting skills. He takes long pauses. He forgets that he is not acting but on driving seat where he has to ignite the discussion. His reflexes are slow and energy level is not upto the mark. There is no need to fit in two comedians in a morning show who crack pathetic jokes.




Sahir is most discussed media personality. When you switch on TV one, set is always full of people and you can see a chaos. Hypertensives should avoid his show. He tries to cinematize and dramatize a show. There is nothing in his show to attract the browsers. He spoils thought provoking issues through his unnecessary acting but he is good as RJ.



After acting, frisky Javeria has gained ground in the field of hosting. It seems as she is sitting in her drawing room and having chitchat with friends with interspersedchunks of good information. Her inbetween laughters are like icing on the cake. She looks elegant in eastern dresses.



She is talented, educated and a lady with fetching looks.When a host is holding his seat, his primary aim should be to serve as a medium to convey the ideas of guests to audience and should not be judgmental. She argues more with guests and tries to be ‘Bari aapa’. After every  5 minutes when she clears her throat, it irritates the viewers. Body language and dressing are areas to be focused.



She hosts Subh-e-Nau on PTV news. She takes more live calls as compared to other shows and everyone is interested in meri shaadi kb ho gi? Main bahar kb jaon ga? Shaadi khandaan main ho gi ya bahar? Once in a blue moon, a celebrity also comes to her show. Very often she invites some budding singers who have nothing to do with singing but just to cause earache.

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