Pakistani Model Vaneeza Ahmad is her with full information and pictures of Pakistani model Vaneeza Ahmad.

Top model Vaneeza Ahmad Ali, also known as Vinny, was born on 29th June, 1971 in Murree. She then shifted to Germany with her parents for primary education. Her parents always wanted her to pursue a career in medicine. To study medicine, fashion model Vaneeza returned Pakistani at the age of eighteen. Because of lack of good medicine schools here, Vaneeza joined the Kinnaird College, Lahore.  She graduated from there with the degree in psychology. While in college, top model Vaneeza started modeling as a time pass hobby. She had no plans to adopt modeling as a full time career. But she started getting huge offers from various fashion designers. Some were high profile and well known in Pakistani fashion industry. Nilofer Shahid was also one of them with whom Pakistani model Vaneeza Ahmad did her first shoot. Khawar Riaz was her first photographer. Athar & Shahzad, well known photographers and Umar Sayeed, designer, are her close friends.

When Pakistani fashion model Vaneeza Ahmad was approached by Nilofer Shahid, she did not know which career she wants to choose. Her ramp walks gained her praises from critics and other showbiz personalities. Pakistani model Vaneeza Ahmad was also admired for her sharpness and insights in dealing corporate heads of the entertainment industry.

After establishing herself as a top model, Vaneeza Ahmad has also launched lawn brand with the name Vlawn. The brand created hype among fashion industry and public. Vlawn consists of nine different lawn prints designed by Nomi Ansari, Umar Sayeed, HSY, and others. The brand was so successful that in 2006, all the prints were sold out in exhibition only.

Pakistani model Vaneeza Ahmad is also an actor. She made her debut with the drama serial Kal. Her other drama serials include Marina Khan’s Tum Hi Tau Ho, Janey Anjaney, Tum Say Mil Ker, Armaan Talaash. Her most popular role was of portraying a Dina Wadia, daughter of founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah, in biopic of Jinnah also titled as Jinnah. Pakistani model Vaneeza Ahmad is very clear on what she does and why she does. She once has said that:

‘I could lie about it and say I am in this field for the love of art. But I admit that I m doing it for money.’

In 2008, female model Vaneeza Ahmad was also selected among other celebrities to hold an Olympic Torch in Islamabad, the event was sponsored by Samsung.

Pakistani fashion model Vaneeza Ahmad got married on 27th July, 2010 to a businessman Ali Afzal Malik. The couple knew each other as both resided in Lahore. Vaneeza Ahmad always had soft corner for him. But in 1997, Ali Afzal Malik went to USA leaving Vinny heartbroken. During the course, fashion model rejected many marriage proposals with the hope that her first love will return someday. In 2009, Ali Afzal Malik returned. The couple met again after some months. The rest is history. The couple has very simple wedding in Lahore. Even today, both are madly in love with each other. Vaneeza Ahmad once told in a Women’s Own Magazine interview:

‘We are soul mates, made for each other.’


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