Pakistani Model Maham Nizami is here with the pictures and information about another top model Maham Nizami.

Pakistani fashion model Maham Nizami is the new emerging face in Pakistani fashion industry. She has made herself an important place in fashion industry among Pakistani models. Maham Nizami entered the Pakistani fashion industry with the aim of finding new ways of modeling and presenting fashion in a most different and classy way. Maham Nizami is the perfect example of a model that is not only Pakistani by nationality but also has Pakistani features. Pakistani fashion industry is seeing a large pool of new faces and talents every day. Some Pakistani models are already so hit that new entrants find it difficult to survive. But models like Maham Nizami works hard and makes sure people notice them.

Female model Maham Nizami has done a commercial modeling, print modeling as well as ramp modeling. Many top notch designers have noticed this beauty and have given her a chance to prove herself as a top model. She has worked with the names like Karma, HSY, Nilofer Shahid, and many others. Maham Nizami has a unique face which has pure feminine features. Her innocent and attractive features have caught the eyes of many fashion photographers. Maham Nizami has worked with many photographers in various photo shoots. Pakistani Fashion model Maham Nizami knows very well how people are in fashion world. Your co-models and colleagues can ditch you to get an assignment. Maham Nizami knows how to deal with showbiz people and how to make a distinctive position among the top models. With the blonde hairs, enchanting smile, sparkling eyes, tall height and Pakistani beautiful features, fashion model Maham Nizami has now become one of the sought after Pakistani models. Maham Nizami is also the youngest fashion model in Pakistan.

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