Pakistani Model madiha iftikhar Pictures and Profile

Madiha Iftikhar is considered to be one of the leading model and actress of Pakistani Fashion industry. Because of her good looks, charms and figure she has made her place not only as a model but also as a well know actress in television and film industry.Because of her humble, carefree yet responsible dispossession she is liked almost by everyone.One major reason behind her success is her devoted attitude towards her work, and her passion through which she makes every character spin to life.

Personal Life of Madiha  Iftikhar

Madiha Iftikhar, the Pakistani fashion model and actress was born on 5 February 1985. She was was born to Iftikhar Ahmed and Rehana Iftikhar, in Islamabad, Pakistan.But presently she resides in Karachi. Her mother Rehana Iftikhar was also a famous actress and writer. She has wrote some excellent and brilliant stuff. Most of the financial pressure is handled by her mother as her father works rarely due to his inability to hear. The disability of Madiha’s father was revealed during an interview in Good Morning Pakistan. Madiha has 2 sibling, both of them sisters and whom she adores mightily.

Pakistani Model madiha iftikhar Pictures and Profile

Career Life Of Madiha Iftikhar

Madiha started her career at the age of 17. She always had a passion for acting and dreamed of becoming a success actress and model one day. Even as a child she use to take part in different plays, dramas and from there at the age of 17 she was recognized and offered a role in a drama which is considered to be the most expensive drama ever produced by Pakistani Television industry. Her debut drama Partition Aik Safar, despite being an expensive one was a big hit, and it gave Madiha’s career the ever wanted boast.

From there onward Madiha never looked back , she has enjoyed successful drama’s one after another. She has not limited her self to acting only but has done various photo shoots and posed as a model for famous and well known designers. Because of her 5 ft 7 inches height, she is considered to be one of the tallest actresses and models in Pakistani industry almost every designer wants her to model for them. Beside doing modeling she has done many commercials and is presently the Brand Ambassador for Olivia Whitening Cream. She has been acting as olivia’s brand ambassador since the past 2 years. She started with Olivia Whitening Cream in 2011. One major reason behind her success is that she does not limit her self to one kind of role infact she believes in variety. She enjoys adventure and play roles which are difficult and challenging. Despite the roles being difficult, she brings life to them.

Due to her inborn talent for acting she has made her mark in the television industry.She has worked in different famous plays which includes Kasia Yeh Junoon , Dil Dard Dhuna etc. And because of her beauty and talent she has large fan following.


List of Drama’s

  • Sarkar Sahab
  • Pappu TV series
  • Andata
  • Tujhe Pe Qurban
  • Ishq Ki Inteha
  • Mann Se Poocho
  • Zagham
  • Kitni girhen ab baaki hain
  • Kaise Yeh Junoon
  • Dil Dard Dhuan


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