Pakistani Model Armeena Rana Khan is here with the pictures and information of another fashion model of Pakistan. Read to know about Pakistani model Armeena Rana Khan.

Armeena Rana Khan was born and raised in Canada. She has a degree of Business from Manchester. Top model Armeena Rana Khan always wanted to be a fashion model. Her interest forced her to enter the fashion industry. Armeena Rana Khan made her debut as a fashion model on local Manchester Channel. Her very first show gave her immense satisfaction and so she decided to leave everything and pursue her career as a fashion model. Female model Armeena Khan has done many shoots and shows not only nationally but also internationally. In fact Armeena Rana Khan is considered an International Model.

With the hazel eyes, fair complexion, tall height, and striking features, this top model makes people to like her. In a very short time period, Armeena Khan has achieved a lot. She resides in United Kingdom but still is considered as a Pakistani fashion model. She lived in Canada for most of her life but her roots are pure south Asian. Armeena Khan has worked for different fashion houses, makeup artists, photographers, and other brands. She has also appeared in commercials. Pakistani fashion model Armeena Khan has been the face of many top notch magazines. Asian Wedding Magazine, SHE Magazine, & The Mag Weekly Pakistan are some of them. Other than magazines, she has also remained the face of United Kingdom’s local newspapers, magazines, and journals.

Pakistani model Armeena Khan has also remained the brand ambassador of Jewelry Box Billboard campaign, Elegance Beauty Saloon and The Global IPR Foundation. In 2011, she was listed among the top sexiest Asian women in the world. In the same year, she was also voted in number 5 Most Beautiful Female South Aisan Models in UK.

Armeena Khan loves to wear fashionable accessories and is adventurous at heart. Despite being so successful internationally, fashion model Armeena Khan is very simple and sweet by nature.

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