10 Best Fashion Photographers in Pakistan

History of Fashion photography

Fashion photography is not a new element. History of fashion photography goes back to ancient times of 1856 when fashion photographers started their work. Adolphe Braun was the first French photographer of the fashion world. Fashion is all about image and vision and fashion photography is basically the art of exhibiting style, trends, and apparels. It boosts the people to care more about the domain of fashion. The world of fashion is a variable factor and it does not remain same for an extended phase. For this reason, it is extensively alleged that fashion photography is extremely significant since it conveys to us every novel thing that is being generated by our talented fashion designers.

Fashion photography is an essential element

A variety of fashion shows and walks are organised to let us know the latest trends which are displayed by eminent fashion houses of the country. But it is not possible for everyone to join these fashion shows and walks. Fashion photography makes it easy for everyone to know what is being revealed in the fashion shows. It also makes easier access to get updates about fashion wears even if they are displayed at studios. So it is not wrong to say that photographs make the fashion trends into the outlook of people and then blow-out to the whole world. Fashion photographers capture photos for billboards, advertisements, and different fashion magazines. These photographers do not work isolated but there is a whole team for efficient and well-organized fashion photography. Photography team comprises different members responsible for different tasks like photo assistants, stylists, set designers, makeup artists and hair stylists.

Best Fashion Photographers in Pakistan

  • Guddu & Shani
  • Tariq AK
  • Ather Shahzad
  • Tapu Javeri
  • Mohsin Khawar
  • Khawar Riaz
  • Fayyaz Ahmed
  • Azeem Sani
  • Ayaz Anis
  • Mani at Wapz Studio

Pakistani Fashion Photographers

Pakistan is advancing in the fashion world. This article enlists the 10 best fashion photographers of the country based on their eminence and capability.

Guddu & Shani

Shahnawaz Chughtai (Shani) and Shumaila Shahnawaz (Guddu) have the powerful company of photography ‘360Degrees’. Guddu & Shani has become the top priority of the line brands of the fashion world for branding and target oriented advertisement. They have more than thirty thousand commercially printed photographs. They have won Best Fashion photographer awards.

Guddu Shani Pakistani Fashion Photographers

Tariq AK

The talented and zealous fashion photographer Tariq Ak joined the photography in a timid way and earned fame by his enthusiastic photography. Photography was his interest since his childhood. This concern and devotion to photography let him make a high rank in the fashion world and he got recognition as a brilliant and rising fashion photographer of the country. His unique style and artistic photography have made his way to success.

Tariq AK Pakistani Fashion Photographers

  • Ather Shahzad

Ather Shahzad is a professionally solo unit which is shared by two men. They are included among the top names of fashion worlds for photography and makeup as well.  The fashion photographer, Ather Shahzad, is known for his creativity and latest trendy specialities. Celebrities and models adore their photography. They won the award for best photography.

Ather Shahzad Pakistani Fashion Photographer


Tapu Javeri

The name of the well-known photographer of the fashion world Tapu Javeri is not new. He started his career in photography with Pakistan’s well-regarded newspaper DAWN. Working in different fashion magazines made him best fashion photographer of a country. He generated a unique and versatile range of fashion and commercial photography in a tiny time period.


Tapu Javeri

Mohsin Khawar

Another name, Mohsin Khawar is renowned among country’s brilliant photographers. Its portfolio covers the local as the well international arena in terms of clientele and revelation. His studio provides a perfect equilibrium among the light and compositions offers the exceptional range from fashion, bridal, product, corporate and image building assignments.

Mohsin Khawar Fashion Photographer

Khawar Riaz

Khawar Riaz is well known and outstanding fashion photographer and fashion stylist of the country. He is also known at international level for his photography and he has won awards at national and international level. He does not believe in restrictions in art and brings best out of expressions.

Fayyaz Ahmed

This name is specializing in the fashion world and high-end photography. He is an award-winning photographer and video director as well. Fayyaz Ahmed has won Pakistan Media Award and has got the nomination as best photographer in Lux style Awards many times. He is known as a pioneer of outdoor lighting in the country.

Azeem Sani

Azeem Sani is artistic and hardworking fashion photographer. He is a fashion stylist as well and running modeling institute and agency. He is a graduate in Civil engineering from UET Taxila and later did diploma in fashion photography and lighting from NCA. He has been nominated for Lux Style Awards twice.

Ayaz anis

Ayaz Anis Khan first burst onto the scene in 2008 with his innovative take on contemporary photography. His expertise is fashion campaigns and magazine editorials photography, styling, coordination, layouts & art direction. His nomination for the Lux Style Awards in the category of Best Emerging Talent in Fashion and Best Fashion Photography has proved that not only is he finally being taken seriously as an artist, but also that his photography is one of the most compelling in contemporary fashion photography.

Mani at Wapz Studio

Abdul Rehman- nicknamed mani with his professional photography team has got attention in the fashion industry. This renowned fashion photographer started work in 2004. The lively, as well as passionate personality, has made his name in the fashion world. His studio is all time hot for bridal and fashion photography as well. His photography is stunning and larger than life. He is expert in excavating the hidden beauty and to maximize it with his photographic sense.

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