Pakistani Fashion Model Sana Askari

In this article we will be discussing Pakistani Fashion Model Sana Askari. She is considered to be one of the leading model of the fashion world, and this is not all, she is also counted among the well known  and leading actresses of Pakistani Television Industry. She is known for her innate talent for acting and her passion for her job. Her beauty is like icing on the cake. Sana is not only well known among the industry people but she is also well like among general audience.  Her fan following not only limited to Pakistan but she is also famous among people living abroad. We will tell you about her personal life as well as about her professional life as a model and actress.

Personal Life of Pakistani Fashion Model Sana Askari

Pakistani Fashion Model Sana Askari

Pakistani Fashion Model Sana Askari was born in 1988.She was born into a Muslim Family. She is a very family oriented person. During an interview when she was asked: One activity that keep you occupied In your free time ? Her reply really did amaze many of us. She said

One activity that i do in my free time and i yearn to do it all the time is to spend time with my husband. 

We defiantly can see the wifely devotion there !!.Also, when she was further asked to NAME one person she cant live without, she said

None other than my husband.

It was rumored that Pakistani Fashion Model Sana Askari is a very Stubborn women, in fact it is no longer a rumor. Sana admitted that she is a very stubborn person. During an interview she was asked: Tell us an An unknown fact about your self ? she said

I am a very stubborn person.

She was furthered asked:One thing you want to change about your self !! Sana said

As i am a very short tempered person i would liked to change this in me.

Then she was asked about her first crush, her favourite gadget and her favourite designer !! She said

Hmmm… My first crush was Johnny Desmand, my favourite gadget is my Cell Phone and my favourite Designer is Karma.

Professional Life Of Pakistani Fashion Model Sana Askari

Pakistani Fashion Model Sana Askari

Pakistani Fashion Model Sana Askari started her career as a model, and she has not only attracted attention of Pakistani Famous models but she has also showcased herself for some international brands. She is said to be one the leading and one of the best emerging models of Pakistani Fashion World. Because of her in born talent for modeling, she is presently considered as one of the leading Models of Pakistani Fashion World. Because of the way she carries herself i.e. with grace and elegance every designer wants her to showcase their collection.

Pakistani Fashion Model Sana Askari though joined the acting field recently, but she is had made her mark in the Television Industry as well. One of her famous drama is Main Abdul Qadir Hoon, this serial is a huge hit. Her character and the way she acted in this serial was liked and appreciated by everyone. Her other plays include Ae Bhai Zara Dekh Ke and Shaista Shaista.




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