Pakistani Celebrities With Brothers and Sisters

We always see Pakistani celebrities in films and dramas but no one have seen the pictures of Pakistani celebs with brothers and sisters. So lets make your day more enjoyable and amazing by having a look at Pakistani celebrities and their brothers and sisters.

Pakistani Celebrities With Brothers and Sisters

Bushra Ansari Sisters

Pakistani Celebrities With Brothers and Sisters

Everyone knows about Bushra Ansari but only a few number of people know about her sisters. Bushra Ansari have two sisters Asma Abbas and Sumbal Shahzadi. These two sisters of Bushra Ansari are also seen in some Pakistani dramas.

Sami Khan with his brother Taifoor Khan

samee khan and taifoor khan

Taifoor Khan is the brother of Sami Khan. Both of these brothers have a great resemblance to each other. What you say about these two brothers?

Sajal Ali And Sister

sajal ali sister


The young and cute Sajal Ali is seen in many drama plays. Her current drama play is (Tu Bhi Bus Chup Rehti Hai Meri Tarah). Both of these beautiful and cute sisters look like each other.

The Hocane Sisters

urwa and mawra hocane

These two sisters are the most famous and successful sisters of the Pakistani showbiz industry. People love these sisters very much due to their beautiful looks and great acting talent. Everyone is aware of the name of these two sisters (Urwa and Mawra).

Nimra Bucha and Sana Bucha

nimra bucha and sana bucha

Do you know that Nimra and Sana Bucha are sisters? I bet that you didn’t knew about them. Nimra Bucha works as an actress while Sana Bucha is a Tv new channel anchor.

The Yousuf Sisters

saira yousaf palwasha yousaf alishba yousuf

Syra Yousuf (the wife of Shehroz Sabzwari) has two sisters Alishba Yousuf and Palwasha Yousuf. All of them really look sisters of each other due to their look alikes.

Humaima Malik, Dua Malik and Feroze

humaima malik siblings

Do you know all about the relationship between these three? Yes, they are brothers and sisters. Humaima Malik, Dua Malik and Feroze are siblings.


Sanam Baloch and Sabreen Baloch

sanam baloch and sabreen baloch

Sanam Baloch and Sabreen Baloch are sisters. Both of these sisters have worked in many drama serials.

Arisha Razi and Sara Razi

Pakistani Celebs Arisha Razi and Sara Razi

Arisha Razi and Sara Razi are the young stars of the Pakistani showbiz industry. Both of these sisters came to work in dramas at their childhood ages. There is no doubt that both of them look like each other very much.

Agha Ali and Ali Sikandar

agha ali with brother

Both of them are brothers and Pakistani actors. Ali Sikander is seen in many funny plays while Agha Ali works in serious plays and dramas.

Pakistani actresses and sisters Minal and Aiman

minal and aiman pakistani actresses

Pakistani Actress and Singer Anoushay Ashraf with sister

anushey ashraf with sister

Javed Sheikh’s Children (Shehzad Sheikh and Momal Sheikh)

momal sheikh and shehzad sheikh

Ahsan Khan Twin Brother Yasir Khan

ahsan khan and yasir khan brothers

Hammad and Faraz

hammad and faraz farooqi

So ladies and gentlemen these were the Pakistani celebrities with brothers and sisters. I hope that you enjoyed the article. For more interesting celebrity gossips, keep visiting


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