Pakistani Celebrities Who Show Themselves Very Innocent But In Reality They Are The Real Disgusting People

Have you ever came across some people who always criticize others but never see their own shameful deeds and mistakes? Well, I am sure that you must have obviously came across these types of hypocrites.

There are also some celebrities in showbiz who show themselves very innocent and pious but in reality and deep in heart, they are the real disgusting people.

Pakistani Celebrities Who Show Themselves Very Innocent But In Reality They Are The Real Disgusting People

Hamza Ali Abbasi

hamza ali abbasi reality

The most famous and talented actor Hamza Ali Abbasi is the heart throbe of many but there is one thing that makes him a hypocrite! As we all know that in past Hamza Ali Abbasi strongly criticised item songs of Pakistan. He criticized Mehwish Hayat for her item song, Saba Qamar, Ayesha Omer and even said that Pakistani films are following the steps of Bollywood.

But he does not know that how’s his upcoming film is! His new upcoming film “Yeh Jawaani Phir Nhi Ani” is full of vulgar scenes. My question to Hamza Ali is that if he criticised all other past Pakistani films and item numbers then what about his new film? Is his new film not vulgar and shameful?

Besides all that, he has dated Saba Qamar and Ayesha Khan. Is thing not vulgar? Is this thing just ABC?

A famous Urdu quote: “Doosri Ki Buraiyaan Khoob Karo, Lekin Jab Apni Bari Ae To Chup Bethe Raho Beshak Tumhara Kam Un Se Ziada Ganda Kyun Na Ho”.

Ali Saleem

Ali Saleem reality


After his participation in Big Boss, Ali Saleem became the most hated person of the showbiz. He shows himself very innocent on camera but have you ever thought of his behaviour in reality? He was jailed for beating his mother with sticks. Yes, he beated his own mother. He was also seen celebrating a vulgar beach party outside Pakistan. Now you can understand that a person who does not have respect for his mother then how can he be so innocent? This makes Ali Saleem a disgusting person.


meera reality


As we all know about the Gulabi English of Meera. Many people say that it was her attempt to gain popularity over social media and we all know that her Gulabi English interviews have always gone viral on social media.

Meera shows herself as a very innocent lady but have you watched her video scandal (PG 18+) ? (I have personally not watched her shameful video scandal yet but I have heard it from some websites). She did this shameful act just to gain popularity. This shows that how disgusting this lady is.

Ayesha Omer

ayesha omer reality

Ayesha Omer is always trying to catch attention of the audience. In one episode of Zindagi Gulzar Hai, she wore a t shirt with title “Little Miss Jihad”. This thing hurted so many Muslims as she was trying to insult Jihad.

So these are the Pakistani celebrities who show themselves very innocent but in reality they are totally different.

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