Pakistani Celebrities Who Are Very Proud and Selfish

Today I am going to share some very shocking and mind blowing stories about Pakistani celebrities. These stories will clearly tell you the attitude and selfishness of some famous megastars in Pakistan. So read their stories and don’t forget to share your views about these celebs.

Pakistani Celebrities Who Are Very Proud And Selfish

Atiqa Odho

Atiqa Odho was once called for shooting at a lower class area near Karachi Railway Station. But she denied the offer and said that her personality is not of low class standards and that she feels awkward in those areas. This shows the proud and attitude of Atiqa Odho.

Pakistani Celebrities Who Are Very Proud and Selfish

Rubina Ashraf

Just like Atiqa Odho, Rubina Ashraf was also called for shooting in a low class area. But surprisingly, she refused the offer in an instant saying that “My personality is not made to work in filthy areas”.

Rubina Ashraf

Samina Perzada

Samina Perzada was once asked by a girl’s college in Karachi, to come as a guest in their function but as Samina was living in Lahore, so she refused. She asked the school admin to give her transportation fees from Lahore to Karachi, if they want her to attend.

samina perzada



Samina Ahmed

Once shooting for a drama play, Samina Ahmed was asked to play a sad role by wearing casual clothes and with no makeup. Samina Ahmed got rude with crew of the play and left the drama play within no time.

samina ahmed

Ayesha Khan

Ayesha Khan was once invited to the morning show of Hira and Mani. During the live transmission, Mani asked Ayesha about her Botox surgery. Ayesha Khan got so angry that she left the show on the spot.

ayesha khan

Fawad Khan

During the recent Hum Tv Award show, Sultana Siddiqui sat with Badar Khalil. But Fawad Khan wanted Sultana Siddiqui to sit with him and not with Badar Khalil. Fawad said to the Hum Tv Awards organisation, that he will attend the show, if Sultana Siddiqui sits with him. Badar Khalil got very disappointed and left the show.

fawad khan

So ladies and gentlemen, these are the Pakistani Celebrities Who Are Very Proud and Selfish. Are you disappointed with these celebs or not?

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