Pakistani Celebrities Sarees Style is Becoming a New Trend in Fashion World

Trends in clothes come and go, but some are here to continue to be and in no way go out of fashion. One of the first-rate examples of clothes that by no means go out of fashion is Saree, the oldest and perhaps the solely unstitched garment from the previous that has managed to no longer only live on but stay a symbol of fashion to date.

In fact, it has come to be a as a substitute sensuous, glamorous attire. Recently the #SareeTwitter fashion has taken Twitter by means of storm, so we’ve compiled a list of 3 Pakistani celebrities who have surely stolen the show in their sarees!

Mahira Khan

Wrapped in this lovely saree, Mahira Khan appears nothing short of exceptional with her full, plump lips and sultry looks.

Sanam Saeed

Having made her mark in both performing and modeling, Sanam Saeed is one of the most loved faces of Pakistani entertainment. This lovely, refreshing saree and sleeveless blouse and tied again hair simply steals our hearts away!


Aamina Sheikh


Aamina Sheikh’s dusky skin and fierce gaze have dominated the Pakistani trend scene for years. In this funky, bright saree, slick hair and yellow shades and bangles, Aamina appears like she is geared up to conquer the world!

Which Pakistani movie star do you think appears exceptional in a saree?

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