Pakistani Actresses Who Look Like Their Mothers

The Pakistani showbiz industry consists of many good looking actresses and in the case of certain actresses the credits of their gorgeous looks can deservingly be given to their genes. Here we have compiled a list of Pakistani actresses who look like their mothers.

Young Pakistani actresses and real life sisters Aiman and Minal Khan have a strong resemblance to their mother

Aiman and Minal With Their Mother

Beautiful Pakistani Actress Anam Ahmad looks like her mother a lot. Their lips, eyes, nose, and even face cut are same

Anam Ahmad With Her Mother

The beautiful Arij Fatyma with her beautiful mother. They look like twin sisters. Isn’t it?

Arij Fatyma With Her Mother


Ayeza Khan’s mother looked very similar to Ayeza when she was young

Ayeza Khan With Her Mother

Side pose photos of Dua Malik and her mother. Can you spot the difference?

Dua Malik Mother

Mehwish Hayat and her mother have the same smile, same face cut, and even same expressions

Mehwish Hayat With Her Mother

Momal’s nose is slightly thin then her mother’s; otherwise, both of them resemble a lot to each other

Momal Sheikh With Her Mother


Neelum Muneer and Her Mother

Neelam Munir Mother

Sadia Faisal & Her Mother Saba Faisal

Saba Faisal and Sadia Faisal

Veteran Actress Saba Hameed & Her Mother

Saba Hameed Mother

Sajal Ali & Saboor Ali Look Like Their Mother

Sajal Ali Saboor With Their Mother

Urwa Hocane Looks Like Her Mother

Urwa Hocane With Her Mother

Yumna Zaidi & Her Mother

Yumna Zaidi Mother

Fatima Effendi & Her Mother

Fatima Effendi Mother


Mehreen Raheel & Her Mother

Mehreen Raheel Mother


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