Pakistani Actress Reema Khan Enjoying Time with Her Baby Boy

Pakistani actress Reema Khan needs absolutely no introduction. She is one of the top notch, talented, successful, and beautiful actresses of Pakistani film industry. For many decades, Pakistani actress Reema Khan ruled the film industry.

Pakistani Actress Reema Khan Wedding

The beautiful and bold Pakistani actress Reema Khan got married to doctor Shahab Tariq a couple of years ago. She is not only an actress, but also a versatile film producer. After getting married to the famous doctor, Pakistani actress Reema Khan settled abroad.

She has told to media in a couple of interviews that wedding doesn’t mean that she is now out of her country. She loves Pakistan a lot and likes to be here whenever she finds some time.

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Reema Khan

Pakistani actress Reema Khan loves her country a lot. She is not doing movies any more, but this wonderful lady is often seen in television shows which she claims that she equally watches in America as well.


Reema Khan Blessed with Baby Boy

Having a baby is one of the most precious and wonderful moments of a woman’s life. Pakistani actress Reema has been blessed with a baby boy. She told to media later on that her baby boy is healthy Mashallah. She further added that she is living a happy life with her baby.

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Reema Khan

Reema also said that she is happy as she feels that her life is now complete due to the arrival of this baby boy in this world. These days, Pakistani actress Reema is spending more and more time with her baby boy. She wishes that her boy would become a good person when he grows up. Reema spends much of her time in taking good care of her baby boy.

We, the fans of Reema, wish her very good luck because of having blessed with the baby boy.

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