Pakistani Actress Meera Kicks Mother Out Of Her House!

Pakistani actress Meera is popularly known for her scandals. This time, the actress became the headline of every news channel not because of her mms scandals or funny English, but this time she crossed all the limits!

According to authentic news channels like Neo News, Pakistani actress Meera has kicked her mother out of her house.

actress meera kicked her mother out


“Meera claims that her mother has stolen her personal things, and this is the reason she has kicked her mother out of her house,” said the anchor person.

According to sources, Meera misbehaved with her mother and treated her very badly. She forced her out of her residence in front of all servants, and neighbors.

On the other hand, Meera’s mother Shafqat Zuhra, is in deep shock and seeking help from people to resolve her matter.

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