Pakistani Actress Anam Ahmed Loves to Do Romantic Dramas

Pakistani actress Anam Ahmed loves to do romantic dramas. She has been one of the most exceptional and gorgeous females of the country. The Pakistani actress Anam Ahmed has long given us various beautiful shows and drama series.

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Actress Anam Ahmed

Pakistani Actress Anam Ahmed

Pakistani actress Anam Ahmed started her career as a super model. She was too young in those days. She worked day and night to raise her success graph. The Pakistani actress Anam Ahmed was lucky to have gotten in the media limelight as a finalist in the Veet Model Hunt. If you are a fan of Anam Ahmed then I am sure you much remember how exciting that moment was when the Pakistani actress Anam Ahmed became every heart loving due to her superb skills.

Anam Ahmed Personal Life

Talking a little about her personal life I would like to say that the model and actress Anam Ahmed is married to Pakistani singer and actor Gohar Mumtaz. Have you seen the pictures or drama series of these two celebs together? I am sure if you have been one of Anam’s fans then you must be familiar with a lot of things about this lady.


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Actress Anam Ahmed

Anam Ahmed loves Romantic Dramas

Throughout her career, Pakistani actress Anam Ahmed has always given preference to do lead roles. She has told in an interview that she loves to do romantic dramas. She has revealed many facts that she has always been interesting to do romantic dramas and those with powerful stories. According to Anam, such shows become hits and are loved by the audience in no time. This is the reason, Anam Ahmed has now become more conscious about the selection of her shows.

She has said that she wants to do quality work. Thus, we can say that Anam is much focusing on quality rather than quantity or number of her shows.

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