Oscar Award Winner – Sharmeen Obaid’s success story

Winning an Oscar Award has always been a dream for every star; be it an actor, a composer or a director. Everyone loves to be praised and appreciated for their hard work. Oscar is the biggest achievement for any star.

One of such stars is Sharmeen Obaid. She recently won an Oscar award for her short documentary film; THE SAVING FACES. The story is about a british plastic surgeon, Dr. Mohammad Jawad, who comes to Pakistan to save his country from the acid burns followed by a woman’s story who found out that the doer of crimes are imprisoned for life. Her documentary is admired worldwide and that is the reason why she is being rewarded with an OSCAR AWARD.

Everyone has a “perfect day” in their lives, for Sharmeen, that was her perfect day and obviously like everyone, she managed to look perfect so that she could make her dear country proud of her and her hard work. Moreover, she succeeded in that too; she managed to look “THE BEST” and OUTSHINED in the whole crowd.

Oscar Winner - Sharmeen Obaid (2)

 Beautiful dress by SANA SAFINAZ

Few of the reasons for looking the best that night are noted by us, which we want to share with all of you today. The beautiful dress she wore on the award winning ceremony was one of the stunning outfits of SANA SAFINAZ. Sana Safinaz dresses don’t need any explanation or praise; the name itself clicks your mind whenever you make choices about where to get a unique outfit from. Sharmeen’s dress was of grey and golden colored, very stylish and with light embroidery. It was flowly so that it could hide all her body flaws making her look slim and pretty, which itself is one of the signs of a perfect dress


Oscar Winner - Sharmeen Obaid (1)

 Beautiful outfit and jewelry worn by Sharmeen Obaid, the Oscar winnwe

Another reason observed was the beautiful jewelry she wore that day. It was long yet delicate, trendy yet elegant, stunning yet fragile; making her look even more pretty and appealing =) jewelry plays a great role in a woman’s life. A woman is not a woman if she doesn’t like jewelries. Jewelry is the basic element of a girl’s life.

Third reason noticed was the hairstyle she carried that day. It had nothing extraordinary in it but it was neatly tied and perfectly carried. It was neither too tight nor too loose; the best word to describe her hairstyle is “PERFECT!”

Oscar Winner - Sharmeen Obaid (3)


Oscar winner – Sharmeen Obaid

Fourth and the last reason spotted is the beautiful clutch she carried. It was silver colored and delicate so that it could not make her look overly dressed.

We all should be proud of her and we should stop criticizing or pinpointing the negative things about our homeland; look at these shining faces, look at the positive things our country has given to us, and be PROUD OF PAKISTAN! =)

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