Osama khalid Butt Left Shares a Heartfelt Message for Mohsin Abbas Haider on his Acting Skills in Baaji

Osama Khalid Butt has been always termed to be standing with the celebrity star no matter whether it is about praising their acting skills or making them feel secure from the social media trolls!

We all know that Osama Khalid Butt and Mohsin Abbas Haider has been working together in the film Baaji and these two stars has developed a greater bonding with each other during the shooting time. And this has been much evident from the recent post of the Osama Khalid butt where he has been caught praising the acting skills of Mohsin Abbas.  Check out what the actor has to say about him:


Well this is such a sweet and nice gesture from the side of the actor, where has been much open about praising the acting skills and the role of Mohsin in the film. No doubt that Mohsin Abbas Haider is a finest actor and he sincerely covers all his characters with full heart!

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