Nouman Javaid Reveals The Reasons Behind The Suicide Attempt

A few weeks back, singer Noman Javaid’s suicide attempt news went viral on social media. Some reported that he was injured in a car accident while some claimed that the young singer tried to end his life by consuming poison tablets. In a post on Facebook, Nouman’s family denied the suicide rumours and said it was a gas leakage.

Nouman’s fans were unable to learn the real story behind this matter and waited for the singer to reveal the truth.

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Nouman Javaid Reveals The Reasons Behind The Suicide Attempt

Finally, Nouman Javaid came out on the issue and told his followers what exactly happened. Talking to The Express Tribune, he said that no any car or gas leakage accident took place.

“I took 50 sleeping pills to end my life,” said Nouman.


He was admitted to Ittefaq Hospital, where doctors kept him in ICU for 24 hours and washed his stomach.

Disclosing the reasons behind his suicide attempt, the singer said he has been battling depression for quite some time and was going through many problems which also includes her failing marriage with Fariha.

“Fariha was not the only reason behind my depression; there were several other things involved. My marriage has not ended yet,” said Nouman.

Nouman additionally denied claims that Fariha’s family had found a way to recoup cash from him. “I am trying to persuade her, and I am confident that everything will turn out fine,” said the vocalist. “I am thankful to my good wishers who have bolstered me amid bad times.”

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Talking about his plans and singing career, the singer said that he has started practical work and is currently busy with a new film project.


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