Nouman Ali Khan Alerts his Fans from a Scammer Using His Name To Get Money From Innocent People

Nouman ali is named to be one of the famous and a renowned Pakistani-American Muslim preacher whose teachings have travelled all over the world. He has huge sum of fan following on social media thanks to his variety of topics and the ability to speak as a modern-day Muslim.

Unfortunately, he also found himself in the centre of attention later on in his career in 2017 when found guilty of engaging in sexual conduct with multiple women. Recently, Nouman Ali Khan just called out a scammer for using his name to get money from innocent people.


This fake account used Khan’s profile picture as well as information to pose as him. According to Nouman’s post, this person was using his name to get money out of innocent people who followed the profile.


Nouman has called out the account and has been asking people to block and report it and it seems as though his followers have caught on to the message. Many have since even come out revealing messages and emails they received from this alleged ‘Nouman.”

One person posted a message that was sent to them a month ago. Imagine how many people this account could have reached out to in a month.

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