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While the political conditions seem to be getting stressed by the second and tougher by the hour, Pakistan’s entertainment and fashion industry seem to be booming, despite all odds. New foreign investors are viewing Pakistani soil as one that may come bearing fruits and profits for their business venture. This is why, renowned foreign brand Floyd by Smith has been brought in by Nordic 1, which now has planned to firmly establish itself within the local market and offer the Pakistani crowd an unconventional shopping experience.

Floyd by Smith, initiated as a Norwegian Smith’s family business dating back to mid-80s with its headquarters in Holmestrand. As the time lapsed, they entered the brick and mortar world in 1986 retailing clothes that were designed and manufactured in Norway, and were also sold in multi-brand stores across the country. Currently, they deliver Floyd-outfits to 259 independent stores in Norway, while having 8 concept and 12 cooperative stores under their own label. Along with this, they have also opened a large wholesale warehouse with Cash & Carry wholesale last year, which has boosted their sales ever since.

Floyd by smith

As a brand, Floyd by Smith, houses a wide range of clothes, accessories and shoes. While on one hand, their subversive daywear collection ranges from, denim bandeau dresses with witty rear pockets on front, to androgynously chic informal dresses which can be worn for causal day out. On the other hand, their unequivocally chic evening-gowns range from shirred-waisted mini dresses to body-skimming layer of flimsy chiffon with laced bishop sleeves, which epitomizes glamour and elegance.

Floyd by Smith also retails stately sculptured jewelry alongside other brands like, Nora and Snow whose bold jewel-encrusted accessories are trendy yet affordable for the masses. Floyd’s collections are specially designed from Norway and are sold by dedicated salesmen who are knowledgeable in their field of work. The employees at Floyd are known for their great service and their ability to give genuine advice to the customers. So much so, that Floyd has also received highest number of votes in Textile Forum’s ranking for providing a great customer service online and on the phone.

More so, Floyd by Smith has also added yet another feather into their cap by collaborating with English stylists and television celebrities Trinny and Susannah, who model for their new collections. Due to this, it is seen that during the initial sales of autumn and winter collection, there is a new side with a exclusive coat collection in merino wool and cashmere in a higher price bracket than they normally operated in.

In all, Floyd by Smith aspires to bring forth new collection every week and update their stock in order to meet the requirements of the fast changing trends in fashion. They endeavor to target young females who prefer to say up-to-date with trends and are fashionably aware of their signature style. Since Floyd caters to both formal and casual wear, its customers will be satisfied to find all types of outfits suitable for various occasions.


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Floyd by smith comes to Pakistan Floyd by smith Dresses in Pakistan Norwegian Brand Floyd by smith 005 Norwegian Brand Floyd by smith comes to Pakistan 001 Norwegian Brand Floyd by smith comes to Pakistan 003 Norwegian Brand Floyd by smith comes to Pakistan Norwegian Brand Floyd by smith Dresses in Pakistan


Nordic 1 is all set to launch its first ever flagship store in Pakistan presenting Floyd by Smith, in the last week of June at the Zamzama Mall, Karachi.

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