Noor Hassan Complete Biography

Pakistani fashion industry is women dominated. Every huge brand seeks for female models to represent their brands. Male models are always in stress of finding good work. There are some male models who are doing really great job and working very hard for their place in this female model dominated fashion industry.

One such male model is Noor Hassan.


Top model Noor Hassan is also a VJ, anchor and actor. Born on May 16, fashion model Noor Hassan is a complete Taurus. He is a fresh emerging face of Pakistani fashion and television industry. Noor Hassan started his career with the show on FM 101, STN and ATV. Later he hosted programs for Channel 3, PTV, and ATV. Pakistani model Noor Hassan has also been a VJ. He was also given award of best VJ on ATV. On asking how he decided to pursue his career in showbiz, he replied:

‘Well that’s an interesting story. There’s this very good friend of mine who asked me to accompany her to her audition at FM101. Well so I did. When I went there, they actually asked me for the audition. I just got intrigued by the whole idea. I just got selected n so it got started without looking back.’

Channel 3 program was called Live Transmission Most Wanted. Music Masti used to come on air on PTV, Weekend with Noor on PTV and Boom on Line on ATV.


Pakistani fashion model Noor Hassan has also acted in drama serials. Humsafar is one of his dramas which went to be a super hit drama in the history of Pakistani television industry. Noor Hassan portrayed a role of guy who is in love with his cousin and to get his cousin’s love back, he commits evil actions.

Other than Humsafar, fashion model Noor Hassan acted in:

  • Zindagi Jeeyay Gi (Drama),
  • Maira Pehla Vote (Drama),
  • Teray Gumaan main (Telefilm),
  • Mala (Soap) 


In the end,  is attaching gallery of Pakistani fashion model Noor Hassan.


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