Nimra Khan Opens Up About Her Tragic Accident

Nimra Khan is a talented actress of the Pakistan drama industry. But suddenly for a short time span this actress suddenly gets disappeared and this made her fans much upset about it. Suddenly the news of her tragic accident hits the media headlines where her chances of survival were so much less.

Getting into conversation with Samina Peerzada in her show, Rewind with Samina Peerzada, Nimra Khan talked about her accident. She told in her interview that in 2014, she was going back to her home from the shoot wrap up.  Due to low blood pressure she loses control from the driving seat and badly hit the car into the army jeep. She got severe internal injuries and the doctors had no hope of her survival and told her family to be prepared for any kind of situation.  She had to take almost two years for the best recovery as she had to face so much pain in the body.  Check out her interview clip:


She is now back on the screen and is working on so many projects. She always desires to be independent and loves to do acting all the time. She has even done with some brand photoshoots as well.

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