Little Nescafe star Hadia Compared with Abida Parveen! Do you agree?

The fifth season of Nescafe Basement has begun with a blast. This year, 73 new artists and entertainers are displayed. The main scene of the show highlighted fantastic exhibitions and melodies. Among these sublime performers was a multi-year-old music wonder, Hadia Hashmi, who has entranced the whole nation with her agreeable voice. She worked together with Soch the band on the Sufi tune, Bol Hu.

She was found by the maker, Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan, when she came to try out at his music institute. Zulfi was awed by her, and chose that the world should observer her ability. After the first performance, Hadia Hashmi has done magic on everybody with her charming and ground-breaking voice, that individuals have begun contrasting her and the legend, Abida Parveen. In any case, Zulfi does not concur with this correlation.


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Zulfi stated that: “This is an individual and humble demand to everybody. Allows not place this in Hadia’s mind that she’s the following Abida Parveen. Let her locate her very own individual.” He further stated, “I respect the notion that discussions about this association and I regard it. All things considered, Abida Jee is a standout amongst the best specialists our nation has delivered. In any case, for the wellbeing of the kid, I feel it’s critical to not put positive objectives in her mind at this young age. Much obliged to you.”

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