Natural Home-Made Remedies For Hand’s

Natural-Home-Made-Remedies-For-Hand'sSkin of our hands is very flimsy and requires special attention. There is an old saying that if you want to know the age of a woman, you should look at her hands. These days most of the soaps that we use contain harmful chemicals which dry out our skin moisture and take away their natural shine. So, in order to maintain healthy skin on our hands, many of us turn to traditional methods of skin care. Let us share with you, some natural home made remedies for hand care.


Take a ½ cup of rose water and mix ½ of glycerine in it. Mix them nicely and make a smooth paste. Then use this paste to give your hands a nice comfortable massage, leave it for few minutes and then you can rinse with water. This home made remedy will prove effective for softening of your hands skin. Try to use this paste before going to bed to get good results.

As the winter season has arrived, so as the juicy Kino’s in the market. Take ½ cup of Kino juice and mix two spoons of honey it. Mix them nicely and apply this paste on your hands.


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