Natural Everyday Makeup Tutorial

Natural beauty is a blessing and every girl’s dream. Beautiful and flawless skin is adored by everyone, but, at times enhancing your beauty and your features is also important to look presentable. Natural everyday makeup is the best solution for you to look naturally beautiful.

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If you’re a beginner with no idea how to enhance your beauty without applying heavy makeup or you want light coverage for everyday, here are guidelines and tutorial for you, your guide towards the natural everyday makeup.

Natural Everyday Makeup Video and How To Guide :-

Wash your face with the facial foam and pat dry it. Next apply a good moisturizer for a better enhanced look.

To start off, you would need a good primer or a BB cream of any good brand, apply the cream on your face, dotting all over and dabbing it. Blend it with your fingertips.

Next, use a concealer which should be 1-2 shades lighter than your own skin tone, apply it well under eyes to hide dark circles, specifically covering dark circles and any spots or blemishes. Also blend a little amount to the brow bone so it would work as a primer for your eyeshade.


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After the concealing, use a face powder matching your skin tone and blend it lightly over your face, you have to be careful to apply and blend it equally and set your natural everyday makeup look.

If required or you feel to highlight your eyes use a bronze or peachy eyeshade and blend little on your eyelids.

Now, it’s time for your eyes to sparkle with your skin, choose your favorite voluminous mascara and wangle its wand onto your eyelashes, apply 2-3 coats on the upper and lower lashes. Next, you will need a white eye pencil, use the white eye pencil on your waterline properly and neatly, to line your eyes, instead of black eyeliner use a grey or brown liner for more beautiful eyes. The black mascara along with the touch of grayish or brown eyeliner gives a perfect natural makeup look.

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Conclude your makeup by applying a lip balm followed by a natural pink or nude lip-gloss to create a magical flawless makeup. Lastly blush on some face shiner or a peachy tone highlighter over your cheeks and you’re done with your natural everyday makeup look.

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