Nail Polish- How to apply it properly for a Perfect Look

Nail polish is commonly applied by girls and women to make nails more beautiful. However, many people including some beauticians do not know how to apply it properly to get the perfect look. If you have also applied nail polish before and are unhappy with the results, follow the steps given below to get a perfect result the next time you apply nail polish.


Step-By-Step Process For Applying Nail Polish

  1. The first step is to remove the old nail color or polish with a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover. All traces of the polish must be removed. Also, use a remover that does not contain alcohol or acetone as it can make your nails look dry.
  2. After that cut your nails to the length desired. Then, using a nail filer, smooth the rough edges and points of your nails. Wash your hands with soap after cutting the nails.
  3. After drying your hands and nails, apply a layer of base coat. This is a very important step since the clear base coat protects your nails from the harsh chemicals of the nail polish and make the nail color last longer. Apply it smoothly while resting the hand on a table or counter top. If you do not know what brand to use, ask a beautician.
  4. Allow the base coat to dry before applying the polish. Mix the nail polish by rolling the bottle in your hands. Never shake the bottle as shaking it will cause air bubbles to form.
  5. Open the bottle and wipe one side of the brush with its edge. The extra polish will go in the bottle. Then start applying the nail polish by applying a strip of it in the middle from the cuticle to the tip. Then apply the polish at the side. Applying the color in the middle first will ensure that most of the color goes to the center rather than at the sides.
  6. After applying the first coat, apply the second coat to even out the application. This will make the color appear smooth.
  7. Then, apply the top coat for protection of color. This will make it last longer. Apply the polish to dry after applying this coat.
  8. Finally, dip a cotton ball in nail polish remover and wipe any messes on the sides. This will give a cleaner look.

By following the above steps properly, you will surely get a superb nail color job. Just use high quality stuff and new nail color to get the best results.

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