Spotted recently in Karachi, looking fresh as ever, is Nadia Khan, the “Oprah Winfrey” of Pakistan. Just like Oprah’s transformations, Nadia seems to have changed her look entirely. We see her sporting a new haircut, the Lob (long-bob), which along with her face shape compliments her. She is seen looking slim and healthy as well, with a glow coming from within; the glow might just be the sweltering Karachi heat (it’s really affecting all of us) but we are loving the change!

But, after so many years, what is Khan doing back in Karachi?

Nadia aired her first television show in 1993. It was a children’s show titled “Daak Time (Mail Time) with Uncle Sargam”, and received such acclaim from the Pakistan Television audiences that we have seen more and more of Nadia as the years passed by.

Nadia Khan In Karachi

Also known as the pioneer of Morning Shows, Nadia began her career in that genre in 2003; the show was titled “Breakfast with Nadia” and stayed on air for three years until she introduced a new morning show on GEO TV (on air for four years) titled the “Nadia Khan Show”. During this time she received the Masala Lifestyle TV Award for Best TV Presenter two times in a row, in 2008 and 2009.


Her fame, and audience reach, has, since then, sky-rocketed. Khan now hosts “The Nadia Khan Show”, a talk show on GEO TV which airs at night on weekends.

Nadia Khan With Her New Looks

Nadia is definitely a member of the Pakistan Television Hall of Fame; she is a trend setter in the television industry. Her channel also received an award and her show has been the biggest revenue generator. There must be many who are envious of where she is at this point in her life; she is impressive and deserves all the attention she gets.

What is next for Nadia Khan? We’re definitely at the edge of our seats!

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