Nadia Hussain Responded Back To Firdous Jamal’s Comments on Mahira Khan in her latest Tweet

Nadia Hussain is an logo for intrepid opinion; she’s constantly talking out about matters that trap her attention; be it shutting down trolls mocking her youth or posting controversial videos that ignite dissension, the mannequin is genuinely admirably woke. After Firdous Jamal’s as a substitute startling remarks about Mahira Khan (to sum up, he said she was too ancient to play a heroine), celebrities stood by means of the actress, and while we laud all of them for their gorgeous support, Nadia Hussain’s unfiltered opinion also deserves sole mention.

Nadia tweeted as:

This tweet follows Nadia’s first response to Firdous by using calling him out for “toxic age shaming.”

Firdous Jamal’s son also took to Twitter in the past today, defending his father but also admitting that he differed in opinion regarding Mahira Khan.


Firdous Jamal’s feedback have been labeled ageist, hapless and impetuous in an age the place misogyny is so 18th century.

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