Nadia Ali Biography – Pakistani Models

In the present age Pakistani industry is full of passionate and talented people regardless of what professional line. And one domain where Pakistani industry is excelling is Modeling. Our models are not only recognized nation wise but are also very famous internationally and they have left a mark due to their enigmatic, bold and charming personalities.  When we talk about Pakistani top models, the one name that always pops in our mind is Nadia Ali.

 Nadia Ali Biography – Pakistani Models Despite Nadia Ali’s image of a emotional cry baby and crazy she has made a her mark in the fashion industry because of her charms and sizzling personality.  This Pakistani model joined the industry four or five years back. She started with her career during her during her educational period at Lahore institution of management (LUMS). Though initially Nadia wasn’t interested in fashion world, but some where during her bachelors she became keenly interested in modeling and acting. She developed a passion for modeling, and this passion of hers is the reason behind her a successful career as a Pakistani model today. Her first break through was given to her by a very famous Pakistani make-up artist Ather Shahzad. Even to the present date she is working with Ather shahzad and she is not content  in working with any other artist. When this bold, beautiful and gorgeous Pakistani fashion model was asked for the reason behind her only working with Ather Shahzad and not any other artist she said

“Why would I choose a second rate option ? Tell me, would you buy a cheap Tahi imitation when you have the chance to get your hands on Louis Vuitton original”?

Now this most defiantly does answer the question and also highlight the bold aspect of her personality.And its no wonder since its because of Ather Shahzad photo shoots that today Nadia as become paragon and epitome among Pakistani models. She has also modeled for famous clothing brands like Lala Textiles, cross stitch  and many more, beside doing still photography she has walk on ramp of very famous fashion shows such as bridal couture week  and  Loreal Paris bridal week. And it is common knowledge among many leading and famous Pakistani Fashion designers that Nadia is not only a good choice for western clothes modeling but also for eastern clothes, as she carries herself with  grace and attitude that is fit for a queen. And many Pakistani fashion designers hope to get her model for themselves. But due to her busy schedule she isn’t able to accommodate most of them.

Presently this beautiful Pakistani Model is enjoying and loving her life as a married woman. Her spouse’s name is Daniyaal and he is an actor at the local theater Production. It is a common rumor that this soft heated fabulous model loves the protective and caring aspect of married life. Despite her saying that sometimes it is very difficult to make the compromises needed for maintaining the harmony of a married life, but since there is no other way out so, she does make the compromise.  But then who does not have problems in today’s world, life can never be bed of roses. Anyways, we wish Nadia Ali best luck for her future and her married life.



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