Nadia Ali Biography – Pakistani American Singer – Song Writer

Nadia Ali born on 3 august 1980 to a Pakistani parents in Libya is a  famous Pakistani American Singer and songwriter.  But she was raised in Queen, New York as her parents moved there when she was 5. Nadia had the innate talent for singing.She loves te world of fashion and music. At the age of 17 she started working in New York offices of Versace where she attracted attention by singing at Christmas parties.

A colleague from Versace introduced her to producer Markus Moser. Nida then started writing lyrics and vocals for Moser. Her first song was the Single “Rapture” which she wrote only in 30 minutes based on an encounter with an Australian nightclub patron. A demo of the song was first played at the New York club Twilo in 2001 and received early support from influential DJ Pete Tong who played the demo on his show on BBC RADIO  1. The song eventually became an Ibiza favorite after support from prominent DJ’s such as Sasha

Nadia Ali

and Danny Tenaglia. In 2001 Ministry of Sound released the song Rapture and it became a commercial success peaking at No. 2 on UK singles Chart and Billboards hot dance club party Chart, while charting in several countries in Europe. And this song lead to the formation of iiO and made nadia ali a  celeberity.  Nida Ali said

The success of “Rapture”, Ali said, caused the formation of iiO as the music they were initially working on was quite different from dance music and were asked to come up with a project name to promote the single.

Originally they named themselves as Vaiio after the Sony Vaio Laptop nadia used to write the lyrics on.  The duo toured internationally and released several more singles, including “At the End”, “Runaway”, “Smooth”, and “Kiss You”. Their first studio album, Poetica followed in 2005.

Nida left the group somewhere in 2005 to start her career as solo,while Moser continued to release iiO material featuring her on vocals. Most notably, these releases include the 2006 single “Is It Love?”  which reached No. 1 in America on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Chart. When she was asked why is she leaving iiO she said

My time with iiO was a great learning experience but i decided to leave because i didn’t want to restrict herself to one style of music but explore my creativity and also to have the freedom to collaborate with others artists.

 Her first solo release was the 2006 single, “Who is Watching?”, a collaboration with Dutch DJ Armin van Buuren. When asked to describe her hit Who is watching?  She said

“Who is Watching?” is one of her most meaningful songs, the song described one’s struggle to reach the top, only to realize once one is there how lonely it is and how one has forgotten their priorities and the important people in their life.

In June 2008, she released “Crash and Burn”, the first single from her solo album. The single became a club success peaking at No. 6 on Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Play Chart. She released the second single, “Love Story” in February 2009. It topped Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Chart in April 2009 and was nominated for the Best Progressive/House Track at the 2010 International Dance Music Awards at the Winter Music Conference.Her first own album Embers was released in September 2009, and it received a positive response over all. Nida self-released this album on her own label , Smile in Bed Records. When asked about her identity as a Pakistani women she said

It is very important for me to set an example that they are able to contribute positively and capable of taking their career into their own hands.

Explaining further,she said that

she feels it as her responsibility to any women who are sometimes stereotyped to show that they can contribute to arts or any professional field

Nadia Ali is currently working on her second studio album titled Phoenix.And we wish her all the best and hope that this album is also a big success for her.


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