Nadia Afgan Opens up About All the Criticism “Suno Chanda 2” Has Been Receiving

‘Suno Chanda’ season 2 has experienced harsh criticism for its tedious irregularity and dangerous narrating. Be that as it may, the parody on the show has dependably been stupendous, with on-screen characters like Nadia Afgan, Ali Safina, and Sohail Sameer toplining clever discourse and funny trade.

Nadia Afgan, otherwise known as Shahana, reacted to the post with a praiseworthy message that requested legitimate regard and love.  The on-screen character requested absolution and said that it was so hard to “get each of the ten on-screen characters together.” She disclosed how the whole group were “working day and night” and that “shooting is a troublesome procedure.”


Here’s the full message:

“Dearest people!! Please forgive us for our little errors. Since suno chanda comprises of a huge cast. It is difficult to get all ten actors together . Everyone is busy with other shoots. Sunochanda is still being shot. We are working day and night. Shooting is a very bery difficult process. We shoot in extreme heat. Would u believe it that we cant even have the fan or ac on so u guys can get clear audio. #sunochanda2 shoot started a while back..some scenes are being shot presently some were done when the shoot started. We are trying our best. Some decisions are taken by the channel. So a mistake here or there .. can be forgiven next episodes you wont see this. So relax and cheer up. Lots of love to u all. 💖💖💖💖”

We appreciate Nadia’s humble response, and simply wish to see fewer inconsistencies in future episodes of ‘Suno Chanda.’

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