Muzaffar Adeeb Muzaffar Adeeb or simply Adeeb (1934 – May 26, 2006) was a Pakistani film actor. He appeared in 38 Indian films from 1940 to 1962, although he did not start performing in films very actively until the 1950s. In 1962, he shifted from Bombay (now Mumbai), India, to Lahore, Pakistan and resumed his film career that lasted until his death with over 500 films to his credit. He was born in Bombay in a conservative Pakhtun (Pathan) family from Kashmir. His family moved on to Bombay before independence in 1947 and that is where the actor in him emerged, after the completion of his Master's Degree in Urdu literature from Bombay University Maharashtra. Unlike his contemporaries, scriptwriting was the first love of Adeeb, who worked in the scriptwriting department with Raj Kapoor's father, Prithvi Raj Kapoor, in Prithvi Theatre and later with Indian National Theatre as assistant director. It is during this time in India that he got to know the basics of acting which later helped him entertain 2 generations of audience.

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