Muneeb Butt reveals Three Disadvantages of Love Marriages

Muneeb Butt reveals Three Disadvantages of Love Marriages. Muneeb Butt is a really talented and versatile actor in Pakistan’s entertainment industry. He has started his acting career in the year 2012 and since then he has appeared in various notable drama serials. His on-screen appearances include Famous drama serial Daldal, Baandi, Koi Chand Rakh, Kaisa Hai Naseeban, Yaariyan and Qaraar. Muneeb Butt is married to Aimen Khan who is also a phenomenal actress in the industry.

Muneeb Butt reveals Three Disadvantages of Love Marriages

Lately, in an interview Muneeb decided to reveal his opinion regarding the disadvantages of love-marriages.

The first and foremost reason love-marriages might not be the wise choice is because Muneeb thinks it becomes rather hard to open up or complain to parents about one’s partner.

So it seems that as two people come together in a matrimonial relationship according to their own terms, it is not possible to involve parents and ask for their advice regarding crucial also distressing matters.

Recently, Muneeb Butt has appeared in Good Morning Pakistan for the promotion of his new drama serial Baddua where he opened up about the drawbacks of love marriages. It was segment designed by Good Morning Pakistan according to which they had to utter quick replies related to questions.

Muneeb Butt reveals Three Disadvantages of Love Marriages

Talking about it, Muneeb said that he thinks the major drawback of love marriage is that one cannot complains about his/her partner to the parents. He said that secondly , the couple has to sort out all the misunderstandings on its own as there is no other option left. He then told the third drawback, Muneeb said, “when you marry your girlfriend, alot of things get to change after that, firstly , she will change you from tip to toe and then she will complain to you that you are no more the same person”.

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