Muneeb Butt opens up about Not Comfortable to work with Minal Khan in Future

Actor Muneeb Butt shared that he cannot work with Minal Khan in a drama when he appeared on the exhibit Har Lamha Purjosh.

When asked with the aid of host Waseem Badami, which actress he is more probably to work with if she has to replace his spouse Aiman Khan in a drama, Butt said “I can by no means work with Minal because humans won’t be in a position to differentiate if it’s Aiman or Minal.” He brought that it will be an awkward scenario so that’s out of query anyway.

The Kaisa Hain Naseeban actor chose his co-star Ramsha Khan when given three selections and said he would as an alternative work with her as she’s a good friend of Aiman.

Talking about why his first film’s trip wasn’t good, Butt stated he took it up when he just stepped in the enterprise so he didn’t comprehend what to choose.


Butt said he was once vacationing in Europe and used to be in utter shock when humans criticised him unnecessarily for posting about ‘saying no to dowry’ as phase of two a campaign, some thing he accompanied himself. “I didn’t take dowry from Aiman’s parents, it’s an added two burden on a girl’s family,” he said.

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