Most Searched Dramas By Pakistanis In 2020 And Why!

There is no denying that Pakistanis around the world want to see dramas. We’ve been looking for famous things to bring back to our country. I think if there is one country that welcomes entertainment from all over the world, even its competitor India, it is Pakistan. That’s why finding dramas and movies in 2020 will also be most important in the most searched areas on Google.

Most Searched Dramas By Pakistanis In 2020 And Why!

There are 720 TV series, not only Pakistan TV series, but also this year’s Turkish TV series, Google’s most searched drama series for Pakistanis in 2020.


Shall I tell you When Prime Minister Imran Khan proposed to broadcast the show on Pakistani television, Ertugrul caused madness among the Pakistani public. Once aired, the show became a hot topic in the city. While there is a lot of debate about what international drama is being broadcast and whether it should be, everyone agrees on one thing. And it is Ertugrul, the best drama produced in recent times.

The TV series is dubbed in several languages ​​and broadcast around the world, helping Muslims understand their history and the struggles the Ottoman Caliphate is going through. It’s thrilling, intriguing and the ultimate thriller to watch out for.

Mere Paas Tum Ho

Do I even need to explain why it is so popular? Outside, the play is a bit mediocre and breaks out like wildfire in entertainment and in public. This controversial story, coupled with the author’s most orthodox and absurd insights, has made this piece what it is today. Even when it ends, it stays on the news.

Only Paas Tum Ho also has more viewers than “Game of Thrones” and has also received a stable rating on IMDB. It became the most popular Pakistani drama serial and its last episode was shown in cinemas across the country. Keep showing how virality led to the most mediocre stories and backward conspiracies to achieve fame.



To be honest, I don’t even know why I did that with this Pakistani TV series. Deewangi is a typical example of how Pakistani men molest, not only evade others, but are also portrayed as victims. I don’t know when directors and producers will stop funding such plays. You can stop when the audience stops searching and takes them to the most viewed places on the list.

This is just the story of a famous and influential man of political background. She fell in love with the lover and stereotypically followed her love story up and down.

Most Searched Dramas By Pakistanis In 2020 And Why!

Mera Dil Mera Dushman

Much better dramas could have been on the list as well, but unfortunately another mediocre story with the highest search volume has a repressive plot. Alizeh Shah married a colleague, Yasir Nawaz, when she fell in love with other people. Will it ring? It could be that this is the story of all other Pakistani television dramas.

The play tells the story of the trio and how Alizeh Shah searches for her love and just returns to where she started. It doesn’t make sense and neither does the drama!


If there’s one drama everyone has high hopes for this year, it’s Ehd-e-Wafaa. This TV series marks the first appearance of the Pakistan Army and ISPR in the television industry. She focuses on the lives of soldiers and how their personal life over time affects their duties to the Motherland.

There is a sense of immersion in this drama, but exciting at times, you witness the feeling of death. It is also in the list of the most popular and wanted drama series for Pakistanis on Google in 2020.

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